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Promoting modern agriculture and serving fishermen

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At the invitation of Sanbing town government and Zhongmiao town government, Associate Professor Zheng Xuebin, member of modern agricultural science and technology center of Hefei vocational and technical college, was invited by the government of Sanbing town and Zhongmiao town On November 16 and November 20, they went to Fuling village and Zhongmiao town of Sanbing town to carry out agricultural technology training.

The villagers of Sanbing town and Zhongmiao town relied on Chaohu Lake aquatic resources for a living in the past years Since the "ten-year fishing ban" policy, the villagers have lost their source of livelihood. In order to solve the villagers' economic problems, the local government has held a "free employment training course for fishermen returning from fishing" and invited Associate Professor Zheng Xuebin to carry out agricultural technology training for the trainees. Starting from how to change the concept of agricultural industry, Associate Professor Zheng Xuebin proposed that students should emancipate their minds, broaden their horizons, learn new knowledge and skills of modern agriculture, and find new directions for agricultural production From the aspects of aquaculture and livestock breeding, the trainees were taught the knowledge of aquaculture and the concept of ecological aquaculture. At the same time, Associate Professor Zheng Xuebin gave a detailed lecture to the students Internet + How to combine marketing concept with agriculture, how to produce good agricultural products and sell them.

After the training, the trainees expressed that the training content was rich, including the introduction of modern agriculture and the explanation of practical breeding technology, especially the introduction of Internet marketing, which opened up their horizons and learned new technologies and new ideas Hope to hold more similar training lectures in the future to bring more new knowledge



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