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Inspiring youth and blooming brilliance

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two thousand and twenty-one At 6:00 p.m. on November 28, 2002, a "1314" literature and art association activity with the theme of "inspiring youth and blooming brilliance" was successfully held in the playground of Gushan campus of Hefei vocational and technical college. The party was attended by counselors Zhou Yuan and song Yingming from the College of bioengineering, all the students from Class 3 and class 4 of pharmacy 21, and the assistants from class 2. At the beginning of the activity, hosts Wang Mengjun and an Kangyu made an enthusiastic opening speech, and class 3 instructor Zhou Yuan announced the formal start of the 1314 party!


During the activity, the students were enthusiastic and applauded. The party program is very wonderful, can be said to be full of variety. There are graceful and graceful dance performance, funny tongue twisters, wonderful and continuous inverted Gong performance, and so on. The performance of the students won applause from the audience. There was also audience interaction, and the atmosphere was very active. The students played the performance incisively and vividly, fully demonstrated their own personality and demeanor, and interpreted the theme of "inspiring youth, blooming brilliance", leaving a deep impression on everyone.

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The dance "marchu" brought by Zhu Meiqi, Niu Ziyun, Li Xinyue and others first ignited the atmosphere of the activity. The intense music rhythm and beautiful and lively dancing posture shocked and cheered the students. Then, there were three solo performances by sun Chaoyu, "the beauty of the world is linked with you", Yang Bocheng's solo "I want to love this world" Class 4 ankanyu's guitar playing and singing "wonderful ability song"

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Song Yingming, the instructor of class 4, was also affected by the atmosphere of the activity and presented a Cantonese song. In the activity, the students from Class 3 and class 4 jointly played two interactive games: drumming and flower passing and stool grabbing. The mood of the students seemed to be even higher at that moment. Holding "small palms" swayed with the music rhythm. Some students turned on the flashlight and cheered for the performers and called in the gradually darkened world. At the end of the game, songs like "lonely city" and "borrow" filled the scene of the party with romantic flavor. The dance "marchu" made the scene move and pushed the atmosphere of the whole party to a climax.


This activity enriches the extracurricular life of college students and provides a broad platform for students to show their talents and entertainment. Through performances, interesting games and other links, the friendship between students is enhanced and the tacit understanding between teachers and students is cultivated. This medicine three four friendship activities, students with a beautiful dance and singing performance beautiful youth; Bring joy to oneself and others with funny words and actions; It also uses affectionate language and lyrics to interpret the most sincere feelings in the world. It not only gives students a stage to show themselves, but also enables them to display their skills and talents.

In this activity, the students are passionate and dare to express themselves, which perfectly interprets the theme of the activity. The activity is successfully concluded in the applause of the students.